James Lowen 

Matt Merritt, Bird Watching magazine

  • "The perfect practical companion for anyone planning to spend the summer trying to get a bit closer to nature"
  • "What really makes this book worth snapping up is that [Lowen] is so good at evoking the sights, sounds and smells of the natural phenomena he describes"

Winner, Travel Guide Book of the Year, Travel Media Awards 2016

Rebecca Armstrong, Birdwatch magazine

  • "The days out are inspiring & demonstrate much of the wonderful wildlife we have in Britain."
  • "The descriptions for the outings are evocative."
  • "Especially useful to anyone with children to keep entertained throughout the summer holiday."
  • "A well designed book."

The Curious Naturalist

  • "if you are a nature-lover looking to explore Britain's wildlife over the summer, this guide will answer your questions. Where to go? When to visit? How to get there? What to do? What to look for?"
  • "Each wildlife site receives an enthusiastic write-up based on the author's first-hand experience"
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BIOME Ecology webzine

  • "A Summer of British Wildlife promises you 100 days of nature watching between April and August, and it certainly delivers!" 
  • "A site guide through and through but ... written in such a way as to really take you there before you’ve even left the house"
  • "Certainly gets the BiOME seal of approval and our copy will surely see some regular use as the summer unfolds"
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Matthew Deans, Atropos magazine

  • "very well thought-out, inspiring and handy"
  • "good value for money"

Graham Etherington, Rare Bird Alert

Amy-Jane Beer, BBC Wildlife magazine

  • "This book will fuel your imagination, frame your desires and simplify logistics for the summer ahead... an ideal addition to any family bookshelf".
  • "An ideal addition to any family bookshelf, though it should also spend plenty of time over the years in your backpack or glove compartment".
  • "Lowen maintains a lovely tone, necessarily practical but also occasionally poetic - a friendly, encouraging and knowledgable companion."

Chris Packham, BBC Springwatch Unsprung

  • "A brilliant idea!"
  • "100 very well proposed and laid-out suggestions of where you should go and what you should see in a British summer"

David Campbell, Birdguides

  • "Filled with all the best ideas for a memorable, wildlife-filled summer"
  • "Each attractive double spread is brought to life with lively, lucid prose that is both edifying and delightful to read"
  • "Lowen beautifully touches on aspects of the ecology, culture and history surrounding the target species and the sites covered, alongside a pack of helpful hints for a successful outing"
  • "Suggests myriad ways to enjoy British wildlife over the summer months"
  • "For anybody wishing to take delight in a few simple trips looking at a breadth of incredible British wildlife this summer, A Summer of British Wildlife will lend inspiration and, together with the necessary identification knowledge or handbooks, all the information you will need."
  • "Anyone with children will surely find it a delightful and invaluable aid to enjoying the outdoors with them and passing on a precious affection for the natural world."
  • "A delightful and invaluable aid to enjoying the outdoors with children"
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Devon Life magazine

  • "Packed with photographs and useful information"

Nick Brown, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

  • "Subtitled “100 great days out watching wildlife”, this book certainly does that."
  • "Lavishly illustrated, easy to read and to find your way around."
  • "If you... have seen the local specialities and want to venture further afield, this book will be very useful in directing you to all parts of the country to see a wide range of species"

Ray Collier, Highland News

  • "What impressed me the most was the sheer amount of information so well presented and so full of ideas"
  • "I just wish I had this book when I first visited the Highlands"

This England magazine

  • Britain's biggest-selling quarterly magazine considers my book "delightful" with "splendid photography"

RSPB, Nature's Voice

Debbie Young, Today's Child magazine

  • "If you're sticking to a staycation, this book will help you plan wholesome outings"
  • Written by someone whose passion for nature began at the tender age of three, this book should appeal to all ages"

A Summer of British Wildlife