James Lowen 

My features cover international travel, bird conservation, wildlife spectacles, news and more.

My photography also features regularly in the magazine - over and beyond my monthly column. Twice I have been selected to 'exhibit' in the magazine's photographic supplement. Here is one such appearance in spring 2018, when the brief was to offer a tip to aspiring 'toggers. 

Here are some of the older Beyond Birdwatching series - from 2013-2015.

Since late 2013, I have written a monthly column for the magazine, entitled 'Beyond Birdwatching'. This examines non-avian wildlife of interest to the birdwatcher., encouraging birders to spread their wildlife wings and get into other faunal or floral groups. It has evolved over time, with regular makeovers. Here are a few recent examples, with feature articles further down the page.

In Britain's best-selling bird magazine, I have a monthly column and write regular features on birds, wider nature, travel, conservation and news.