All three of our Bee Orchids are now flowering too. Something bigger than small, at last!


2 June 2020 Small stuff

This week I've mainly been seeing small stuff. Our garden ox-eye daisies have produced two species of Dichrorampha, with a third species on the same plant near Eaton. Intriguingly, two of the species are Yarrow specialists. Perhaps they were nectaring on the ox-eyes - although they were on the stem rather than flower. And yarrows were present nearby in both cases. 

Green is an unusual hue among moths, so always worth appreciating. 


A few other garden moths included three newbies: Cedestis subfasciellaNotocelia trimaculana and Mompha subbstrigella.

The Dichrorampha field at Eaton also produced Breckland Plume, while Dave Andrews' garden in Drayton/Hellesdon came up with Netted Pug and Red-tipped Clearwing. My garden Red-belted Clearwings have survived another winter: in ten minutes that the CUL lure was up, eight emerged from the apple tree. I won't lure again for this species until 2021.


James Lowen