James Lowen 


1 Dec 2020 (Lock)down and out

The year's second lockdown mainly saw me cycling the valleys either side of Norwich, vainly hoping to bump into a wintering Dusky Warbler or even Red-flanked Bluetail. I didn't find anything at all - not even local aquatic mammals such as Otter, Water Vole or Water Shrew. Perhaps the highlight was a couple of enjoyable fungi forays, which brought home to me quite how I should do more of these - and get to grips with identifying the fungal growths. 

Moths have been quiet, though I enjoyed this duo of Scarce Umber and Mottled Umber.

The odd cold morning saw the garden drenched with argentine lacework of spider webs. Glorious and uplifting, particularly as Pink-footed Geese called through the fog above and Fieldfares arrowed through the airspace. A reminder that even in the dingiest of times, there is wonder.