I only saw a few reptiles by day, but they included a couple of hulking Green Iguanas.

Time for some inverts - moths, spiders and stick insects.

Now some decent orthoptera and bugs - mostly taken at night, when the rainforest comes alive with glorious mini beasts.

There were plenty of frogs - although species diversity didn't seem too wide. How many more were calling, however...?

For those who don't like exoskeletons, I'll finish with some fur. Mammals weren't too abundant, although we did manage a tamarin sp (identity to be confirmed) and I scored two Kinkajou at Otun Quimbaya. This squirrel was remarkably tame.  

Aided by husband-and-wife team of Andrea and Alejandro of Birding and Herping, we saw a fair number of anoles on nocturnal excursions. 

James Lowen 



14 Nov 2018 Other Colombian wildlife

As regular readers will know, my naturalist interests go very wide. In a place like Colombia, however, it is rather tricky putting names to species. So if anyone can help with the critters not identified, please contact me! Let's start with some herps, the most thrilling of which was this young Fer-de-lance (Bothrops). In retrospect, perhaps getting this close with a 100mm macro lens was a daft idea.