And I will finish with a Powdered Quaker, because they are rather lovely (if subtle) moths, and I caught my first of the year last night.


17 April 2020 Good'un

Spent a little time with this female Gooden's Nomad Bee today, which I found in an invertebrate-rich five-metre stretch of a local grassy area. Sadly I was on a bike ride with Maya, so had little time to stop. I'll try and have another look on the next available sunny day.

But I like this one even more, because it depicts how I'm feeling during lockdown.



James Lowen 

I like this image...

Here's a male Gooden's, plus a male Muslin Moth from the garden as counterweight. The latter is pretty much #MeAt20, if you had ever found yourself wondering. If that confuses you, try working out what the Andrena mining bee is. With help from Phil Saunders, I think it might be Grey-patched, but I am essentially clueless on such things.