17 April 2017   Photo galleries

Most of my wildlife photographs are available for viewing ona separate website. I have recently done a fundamental overhaul of those galleries; this blog summarises the highlights. Click on the individual pages of each slideshow to go directly to the respective gallery. First up, there's a pretty expansive new UK moth gallery

My Spain galleries have also been substantially updated in the light of recent trips. Keep an eye on these, as I have further trips coming up in the next three months. 

The UK 'herps' galleries - reptiles and amphibians - are looking nice. Plenty more than 'just' Adders too! 

Indeed, the European wildlife galleries overall are not looking too shoddy. Plenty of mouthwatering stuff already there - and much more to come too!

James Lowen 

Plenty of new bird images too in the updated UK birds galleries.


There are some updates to the UK butterflies galleries too.

A decent revision of the UK orchid galleries, no better grouped by genus or other clear grouping. 

I have overhauled the UK mammals galleries. Plenty of new stuff, and reorganised. Here are some samples.


There's plenty of UK dragonfly material.

If you haven't seen it, there's a neat gallery of Ecuador wildlife - although I still haven't identified all the reptiles & amphibians...