17 May 2019 The eyes have it

Six weeks ago, that kind gentleman Keith Kerr bequeathed to my daughter a quartet of Eyed Hawk-moth pupae. Keith was keen that Maya have the opportunity to watch them emerge into beautiful adult moths. The first two did so this week, and Maya's excitement was a wonder to behold. 

I will leave you, however, with another hawk - the third Lime Hawk-moth of spring so far. That might even be a record.

Poor catches have largely been down to cold, clear nights. The same conditions by day produces much sun, however. And diurnal inverts have loved this. A Hairy Dragonfly was new for the garden - and a considerable surprise as we are a mile or so from the nearest stream where they occur. More expected were plenty of hoverflies and mining bees around our Choicya, for example.

James Lowen 



Of wild moths, it has still been slow going in the garden. That said, two new macros reached us: Great Prominent and the wonderfully punky Chamomile Shark. There have been three of the latter caught around Norwich in recent weeks, which suggests it might be having a good season.