One of the things I am most looking forward to writing about in my new moth book is the joy of micro moths. I still struggle with their tiny forms and frequently frustrating identification problems. But some are unambiguously wondrous. And one of those is Green Longhorn Adela reamurella. This species is enchanting in both looks (those preposterous antennae!) and behaviour (males bounce around in a rave-like lek, seeking to seduce a female). And they are on the wing right now - probably in a woody hedgerow near you. I have spent a couple of hours watching them at several sites in the past week or so.


19 May 2019 Dancers



James Lowen 

Lovely though these creatures are, they are hard to photograph and don't always allow that close perusal. I was thus surprised when one individual didn't seem to be moving much - and then realised why. A downside of making yourself obvious and focusing on lust is that you attract the attention of eight-legged predators. This particular boy will be dancing no more.