Accordingly, I was pleased to spy this juvenile feeding on the beach at the end of our family sunbathing trip. It showed very well for a few minutes, and doubtless had I had my 'big' lens and an extra hour, I could have nailed it. As it was, the little lens and thirty frames did some of the business. Lovely birds, gulls... some of them, anyway.


James Lowen 


2 Sep 2018  Phobe vs phile

Or, rather, Larophobe vs larophile. Aka gull-lover vs gull-hater. I have made no secret of my antipathy towards gulls - something that causes eternal disappointment among at least half our pub-going birding crew (and not some amusement that I had 14 images published in the recent photographic guide to Gulls of the World), let alone friends from Thameside London. Strictly, however, I divide my attitude into loathing (of large white-headed types, which simply bore and confuse and frustrate) and loving (white-wingers and all those dinky dark-hooded types). Mediterranean Gulls fall squarely into the latter camp and are a perennial favourite.