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2017 Top Ten

7 Dec 2017    Arctic Roll (Arctic Redpoll in Norfolk)

6 Dec 2017    Otterly brilliant (Otters at Santon Downham, Brecks)

5 Dec 2017    Puddle o' Parrots (Parrot Crossbills drinking in the Brecks, Norfolk... just)

30 Nov 2017  Murmur  (Starlings at Strumsphaw, Norfolk)

17 Nov 2017  Seedy (Western Conifer Seed Bug, Juniper Carpet and Sprawler in my Norwich garden)

15 Nov 2017  Let them travel (visible migration over my Norwich garden, including three full-fat garden ticks)

7 Nov 2017   November talks (that I am giving this month around Norfolk, on Japan and the Pantanal)

3 Nov 2017   Algarve (a week in the Algarve: Viperine Snake, Audouin's Gull, Crimson Speckled etc)

23 Oct 2017  Spriteless(a decent day out, but no Yellow-browed Warblers, in Norfolk)

20 Oct 2017   East Hills (muddy feet and more migrant action in Norfolk)
20 Oct 2017   Go-faster stripes (Two-barred Greenish warbler, Silver-striped Hawk-moth, Death's Head Hawk-moth in Dorset)

17 Oct 2017  An irRegulus weekend(Firecrest fall in Dorset, plus Rock Thrush & self-found Radde's warbler)

13 Oct 2017   Craning your neck (Common Cranes save a migrant-finding day in Norfolk)

10 Oct 2017    At last! (finding an Olive-backed Pipit in Norfolk)

9 Oct 2017      Prophesy+1 (a year since Siberian Accentor and a magazine front cover)

7 Oct 2017      Hulk Hogan  (Bearded Tits in Norfolk & my article for BBC Wildlife)

6 Oct 2017      Lemmings (Yellow-browed Warblers arrive in Norfolk)

4 Oct 2017      Perfect blue (Clifdon Non-pareil, and Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler in Norfolk) 

7 Sep 2017     Pearl of wisdom (Olive-tree Pearl in Norwich)

1 Sep 2017     Who's Queen? (Queen of Spain Fritillary in Sussex)

27 Aug 2017   Border patrol(Scarce Bordered Straw in Norwich, plus musings on the ethics of moth-ticking)

23 Aug 2017   Unparalleled (Clifdon Non-pareil alleviates a Yellow Warbler dip, Dorset)

9 Aug 2017     BOGOF(Bog Orchids and gone-over helleborines in Northumberland)

8 Aug 2017     Scotland(a mouthwatering pan-species trip to north Scotland)

7 Aug 2017     Beaver (Eurasian Beaver in Tayside, Scotland)

25 July 2017   Picos de Europa, 2 (mammals, bird, other invertebrates and plants; northern Spain)

25 July 2017   Picos de Europa(trip report, butterflies, moths and herps for this fortnight in northern Spain)

10 July 2017   #LoveSnetts (a blog for the RSPB Snettisham hide appeal)

7 July 2017     Hawkish  (Bedstraw Hawk-moth and Splendid Brocade in Norwich)

30 June 2017  Tongue stud (Greater Tongue Orchid colony in Essex)

29 June 2017  Flamin' June (plants, butterflies and moths in the Brecks and Broads of Norfolk)

23 June 2017  Broads by kayak (up Strumpshaw Fen with a paddle)

22 June 2017  Waspish (mating Hornet Moths in Norfolk)

21 June 2017  Splurge(Spurge Hawk-moth in Suffolk)

19 June 2017  Mick's magic (fab RSPB/Butterfly Conservation moth morning at Catfield Fen, Norfolk Broads)

11 June 2017  Bee elegant(Elegant Tern in Sussex and a Bee Orchid in my Norwich garden)

8 June 2017   Tasburgh moths (crowd-pleasing moths in S Norfolk & a Red-belted Clearwing in my garden)

7 June 2017  Extremadura wildlife (Beech Marten, cool lizards, Southern Marbled Newt, butterflies in Spain)

6 June 2017  Extremadura birds (vultures, storks, rock-thrushes, bitterns, White-rumped Swift in Spain)

5 June 2017  Lesser but lovelier (Lesser Kestrels in Extremadura, Spain)

27 May 2017  Maybugs & more May (Cockchafers, Mayflies, Bluebells and more - all in Norfolk)

26 May 2017 Bed(straw) time (Bedstraw Hawk-moth, Flame Wainscot & Breckland Plume in Norfolk)

24 May 2017 May moths (lots of images of fab creatures in Norfolk, including additions to the garden list)

23 May 2017 May Muntjacs (close encounters with Reeve's Muntjac in Norfolk and Suffolk)

21 May 2017 May birds (Tawny Pipit, Great Reed Warbler, Savi's Warbler, Iberian Chiffchaff etc)

9 May 2017  Spring in Estonia (Siberian Flying Squirrel, Raccoon Dog, Lesser-spotted Eagle & Capercaillie)

4 May 2017  Eagle has landed (White-tailed Eagle in Norfolk... and in the Eastern Daily Press!)

1 May 2017  Lignin birdin' (migrant birding in north Norfolk including Wood Warbler, Wood Sandpiper)

30 Apr 2017  Roding Orchid (hybrid Woodcock x Fly Orchid, Sand Lizard in southwest England)

20 Apr 2017  Beyond birdwatching(my column on non-avian wildlife in the May 2017 Bird Watching)

17 Apr 2017 Photo galleries (a guide to the updated wildlife galleries on my photographic website)

11 Apr 2017  Dancing adders (writhing snakes in Norfolk)

10 Apr 2017  Bee-fly (portraits of Dark-eged Bee-fly, in my Norfolk garden)

9 Apr 2017  Of mouse and man (Wood Mouse, Adders and Emperor Moths in Norfolk)

6 Apr 2017 Empire strikes back (Emperor moth in my Norfolk garden, plus Satellite & Scarce Tissue)

31 March 2017 Moths rev up (brilliant March moths plus a candidate Polecat, in Norfolk)

21 March 2017 Serpent (Adders in Norfolk)

16 Mar 2017  March moths (Tissue, Dotted Chestnut, Grey Shoulder-knot, Pale Pinion etc in Norfolk)

15 Mar 2017  Amplexus (more mating Common Frogs in Norwich)

14 Mar 2017  Invismig (invisible bird migration overnight in Norwich)

7 Mar 2017   The Lynx effect, 2(Eurasian Lynx, Elk, woodpeckers, owls & grouse in Estonia)

28 Feb 2017  Frogporn (mating Common Frog in Norwich)

28 Feb 2017  Andujar wildlife (mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds & plants in Spain's Sierra du Andujar)

27 Feb 2017  The Lynx effect (Iberian Lynx in Sierra du Andujar, Spain)

21 Feb 2017  Serpents, shorely? (Shore Larks and the first five Adders of spring, in Norfolk)

17 Feb 2017  Winterwings (winter moths, including Spring Usher & Dotted Border, plus beach waders)

14 Feb 2017  Extremadura (overview blog with links to the individual Extremadura blogs of 2/3/4 Feb)

10 Feb 2017  Canon 1D X II (review of my new camera body, with thanks to Park Cameras and Canon UK

5 Feb 2017   Alamy (my photographs are now represented by Alamy as well as FLPA Images)

4 Feb 2017   Extremadura, 3 (Natterjack Toad & scenery in Extremadura)

3 Feb 2017   Extremadura: other birds (Iberian Eagles, Cinereous Vultures, bustards and much more)

2 Feb 2017  Extremadura: cranes (Common Cranes in mid-Spain)

1 Feb 2017   Review: Field guide to the moths of Great Britain & Ireland, 3rd edition (book review)

22 Jan 2017  Loonacy (White-billed Diver in Lincs)

20 Jan 2017  Perfect blue (glorious winter sun in north Norfolk, photographing waders & sea duck)

17 Jan 2017  Ecuador galleries (a link to my new photographic galleries on north-west Ecuador)

10 Jan 2017  Horsey seals (the Grey Seal colony in north-east Norfolk)

9 Jan 2017    Winter birding (north Norfolk finery)


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