James Lowen 

BLOG 2021

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10 Dec 2021 The mating game (same-sex sexual behaviour in male Winter Moths; Barred Warbler etc)

29 Nov 2021 Yesvember (Crane at home, Death's-head Hawk-moth & Brünnich's Guillemot in Norfolk)

18 Nov 2021 Speckled Footman (surveys in Dorset find an amazing 21, inc two in which I had an 'assist') 

11 Nov 2021 Kernow (a week in Cornwall, starring Portuguese Man O'War, Brindled Ochre and Brown Shrike)

7 Nov 2021 Easy Taiga (Taiga Flycatcher and Red-flanked Bluetail in Yorkshire)

​3 Nov 2021 Papay pumpkin (Varied Thrush on Orkney, White-winged Scoter in Lothian etc)

19 Oct 2021 Double green (Two-barred Greenish Warbler in Yorkshire)

1 Oct 2021 Odds 'n' sods (Norfolk's first Portland Ribbon Wave, a showy Purple Sandpiper)

12 Sep 2021 God's own (Green Warbler, Black-browed Albatross & White-tailed Lapwing in Yorkshire; Black Stork in Lincs; and Porter's Rustic back in Norwich)

​9 Sep 2021 Camberwell carrot (Camberwell Beauty in Norfolk)

​6 September 2021 Drama (Syke's Warbler in Norfolk and a garden Clifden Nonpareil)

2 September 2021 A Gateway Guide (explaining the rationale behind my new book)

1 September 2021 Honour (catching perhaps the UK's 15th Caloptilia honoratella)

17 August 2021 Bicentenary (the 200th birthday of a stunning micro moth almost exclusive to Norfolk) 

​15 August 2021 Butter wouldn't melt(finding a new site for Butterbur in Norfolk)

6 Aug 2021 Summer (a round-up of other summer antics, from Lunar Hornet Moths to Black-browed Albatross)

30 Jul 2021 Dorset (cracking moths and other insects from Dorset)

22 May 2021 University Moth Challenge (a blog I wrote for A Focus on Nature) 

16 May 2021 Broadly Caspian(Caspian Tern in Norwich)

13 May 2021 Global Big Day (101 species on a morning walk in Norfolk before rain stopped play)

27 April 2021 Acquired tastes (Incurvaria pectinea, a micromoth, in Norfolk)

20 April 2021 Snakedance (a prolonged display by dancing male Adders in Suffolk)

17 April 2021 Little and large (Little Gull in Norwich, Little Buntings in Surrey, Walrus in Pembrokeshire)

7 April 2021 Easter snake (Adders in Norfolk)

2 April 2021 Mad March Moths(a great night mothing near Norwich)

22 March 2021 Owl prowl(Tawny Owl brood in Norwich)

15 March 2021 White and yellow (White-fronted Goose and a brace of Yellow-legged Gulls in Norwich)

2 March 2021 Jack the lad (a cracking Jack Snipe in Norwich)

22 Feb 2021 Hot birding (Garden Common Crane, and thermally sensed mammals and Woodcock)

16 Feb 2021 Finecitybirding (Norwich: Caspian Gull, Curlew, Smew and 100s of dabbling ducks)

12 Feb 2021 Snowbirding (Norwich: Scaup and other ice-constrained creatures)

7 Feb 2021 Horned hopper (the weird-and-wonderful Asiraca clavicornis in our Norwich garden)

4 Feb 2021 Gold star (a tame garden Goldcrest)

27 Jan 2021 1,200 x 16 (a huge hibernation huddle of 16-spot Ladybirds in Norwich)

16 Jan 2021 Casp (Caspian Gull near home in Norwich)

9 Jan 2021 Ice dragons (Great Egrets near our Norwich home)