James Lowen 

BLOG 2023

30 Dec 23 Red-breast re-run (a showy Red-breasted Goose in Norfolk)

29 Dec 23 2023, as was (the year in review: ten special wildlife experiences)

11 Dec 23 Wintry Norfolk (Waxwings, Chinese Water Deer, corvids, Snow Buntings etc in Norfolk)

25 Nov 23 Owl wings (Short-eared Owl, ferruginous Duck, Ruddy Shelduck & Waxwings in Norfolk)

18 Nov 23 Young Turk? (a candidate halimodendri Lesser Whitethroat in Suffolk, plus some rarities)

9 Nov 23 Norfolk aurora (erm, photos of the aurora in Norfolk, plus Pallid Harrier)

29 Oct 23 Atlantis (Atlantic Yellow-legged Gull, Upland Sandpiper and migrant moths in Cornwall)

22 Oct 23 'Redhead'(Red-headed Bunting at Flamborough Head)

10 Oct 23 River island (a week on Shetland, including seeing Veery and finding River Warbler)

​26 Sep 23 Triple crown (Pembrokeshire for Magnolia, Canada and Bay-breasted Warblers)

20 Sep 23 Spider eat spider (arachnid antics in the garden)

18 Sep 2023 Underwings (celebrating this year's garden Red, Dark Crimson and Blue Underwings) 

10 September 2023 NFG(some of the c50 new moths for the garden this year)

8 September 2023 Broken ground(Moths and plants in the Brecks this spring and summer)

2 September 2023 Tart's ticks (Barred Hook-tip, September Thorn & Agonopterix liturosa in Worcs)

31 August 2023 Aquatic (Aquatic Warbler in Suffolk)

29 August 2023 Booby prize (Red-footed Booby, plus Cory's Shearwater etc on the Isles of Scilly)

7 August 2023 Clearly present (new garden records of Orange-tailed Clearwing and Six-belted Clearwing)

6 August 2023 Hawking (Norfolk Hawker and Scarce Chaser in Suffolk)

14 July 2023 Leo (tame juvenile Long-eared Owl in Norfolk)

7 July 2023 Dusky falls (four Dusky Clearwing in Cambridgeshire)

15 May 2023 Lesvos (a pan-species week on this excellent Greek island)

13 May 23 Filth (filthy twitching and musings on the same: White-crowned Sparrow, Grey-headed Lapwing, Stejneger's & White-winged Scoters)

12 May 23 A swift half? (a portfolio of Common Swift images, from Greece)

10 May 23 Firestarter (a singing Firecrest in the garden)

17 Apr 23 Mullein things over(garden moths including Mullein, plus Hairy-footed Flower-bee)

16 Apr 23 Dancing kings(Adders in Norfolk)

23 Mar 23 Bunking off(Alpine Swifts, and searching for them, in Norfolk)

20 Mar 23 March moths (various moths at home)

19 Mar 23 Moth-er's Day (Tawny Pinions in Norwich)

25 Feb 23 Rockit (Rock Pipit and Purple Sandpiper in Kent)

28 Jan 23 Winter surprise (Richardson's Canada Goose in Norfolk, Pallas's Warbler in Kent)