James Lowen 

I also did an author interview for NHBS books, who also have a special offer available. Given that my work as a journalist often involves doing the interviewing, it was odd (if pleasant) to be on the receiving end. The interview ranged widely across topics moth-related, environmental and personal.

Next week is understandably busy with press. I have a few local radio interviews booked in (including Radio London) and an 'in conversation' event with David Lindo, The Urban Birder. (Details are on my Events page.) There's also some big-name national press sniffing around... Cross fingers!

The tempo is ratcheting up ahead of the publication of Much Ado About Mothing on Thursday 27 May. Some lucky folk are delightedly telling social media that they have already received their copies. Wildsounds has made Much Ado... their book of the week in the Rare Bird Alert weekly newsletter and they have a generous special offer that includes a donation to the BirdLife Internatinal Preventing Extinctions Programme.


22 May 2021 University Moth Challenge

On Thursday, Butterfly Conservation and A Focus on Naturelaunched this year's University Moth Challenge, whereby groups of students around the country compete to better understand the moths of their university grounds - and engage people wit these much-maligned insects. To mark the event, I contributed this blog for the A Focus on Nature website (the first two paragraphs of which are below) about a University Moth Challenge event that I attended at the University of East Anglia two years ago. The blog was accompanied by a social-media competition to win a copy of Much Ado About Mothing; as you read this, it may not be too late to enter so check out the AFON Twitter feed.