James Lowen 


23 January 2019 Recent articles

I penned quite a few articles at the end of last year that have recently made their way into print. This prompted one friend to mock-grumble that every time this year he picked up a magazine and read an article that he found interesting, it turned out to be written by me. London buses etc... 

There's a feature on Rome's pooping Starlings in the current issue of BBC Wildlife

I'm starting to understand why my friend was grumbling...

The same issue of BBC Wildlife also ran a review I had done of a quite delightful children's book.

In Bird Watchingmagazine, I have had my regular column on non-avian wildlife worth looking for month-by-month. But also an article on garden bird year listing - also blogged about here.

The RSPB is the UK Partner of a global network of conservation bodies - BirdLife International. This is a piece I wrote for their excellent publication,BirdLife the Magazine


My Telegraph feature on ten of the world's best birdwatching holidays can be read here.

Nature's Home- the RSPB magazine - included a feature on Roseate Terns in the UK. 

I have started a new series for The Countryman magazine, looking at the status of UK wildlife. It promises to be controversial... Here are snippets from the first two articles. 

I also did a blog on Spain's best birding trip for the website BlueSkyWildlife.