James Lowen 


25 February 2023 Rockit

Last month and this, I've done some nice survey work in Kent, wandering the Thanet coast either side of high tide, counting and mapping roosting or feeding waders. I enjoyed close looks at one of my favourite shorebirds, the understated Purple Sandpiper. A proper rock-lover, this one. 



There were also plenty of Rock Pipits around, including a pair that wandered about as close as I could focus. Birders nickname Meadow Pipits 'Mipits'. But extending the algorithm produces 'Rockit' for Rock Pipit, rather than 'Ripit'. I've not heard 'Tripit' (for Tree Pipit), but I guess it could exist. And I wouldn't mind finding a 'Blypit' some day. But for now, I'll stick to Rockiting to the moon.