James Lowen 


29 May 2020 Masonic

Yesterday I learnt that there were Fen Mason Wasps along the Weaver's Wave at Hickling Broad. I'm not sure how I had avoided knowing this, but it seems that I wasn't alone. Throw in a rumour of a Franklin's Gull and the destination for a family walk needed little intuition. I've seen Purbeck Mason Wasps in Dorset, and been to another Norfolk Broads site for FMW, but too late in the season. Clearly late May is the time to go, as we enjoyed watching two colonies - one with perhaps ten insects, and the other with at least triple that. Lovely things. 

We were following the route set out in a neat guidebook of Norfolk walks...

The Weaver's Way here is always enjoyable in late spring and early summer for the number of Swallowtails you can see. We counted 20 with ease. Throw in a few Norfolk Hawkers, several Hairy Hawker, two Grasshopper Warblers (including one showing), three distant Hobby together with a non-Hobby falcon catching insects (presumably the Red-foot that's been around for a few days), some low Common Swift (check out the insect about to be munched!) and you have a nice walk indeed. All on family time, to boot.