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On 27 August 2021, Daily Express environment editor John Ingram was sufficiently moved by seeing a copy of the book that he wrote a column on the wonder of moths. You can read an extract below or the whole thing here

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British Moths: a Gateway Guide

'Moth-ing' is an increasingly popular hobby, but getting to grips with Britain's 2,500-ish species is a mighty challenge. Although several excellent field guides exist, the numbers of species they include can make daunting reading for the novice. At present, there is nothing designed for the beginner 'moth-er'. All that will change in the coming months! Due to be published in September 2021, British Moths: a Gateway Guide book will be the first-ever field guide to the common moths of Britain and Ireland. Although aimed at newcomers to the world of 'mothing', this photographic book will contain plenty of identification tips from which more experienced 'moth-ers' can also benefit. To learn more, have a read of this blog.

Review by David Bradley, ScienceBase

Moths are "described in crisp detail with an

equally crisp photo". "There is much to learn,

but you will learn fast if you take a seasonal

tour through Lowen’s lovely introduction."

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