James Lowen 

Shortlisted for (Travel) Guide of the Year, 2018 at the Travel Media Awards, 17 October 2018.


Review in Birdwatch magazine. "Enthusiastic, evocative... a lively and upbeat read... infectious style serves to inspire"

Review by Mark Avery.

For further tasters, there are a few web articles on the Bradt Travel Guides website

Review in BBC Wildlife. "Remarkable guide..."

I recommended one location featured - Matera in Italy - as an 'exceptional place to visit' during 2019, on behalf of Bradt Travel Guides annual campaign on the most exciting travel for the year ahead.

"What an absolute blinder of a book! It's like walking into an all-you-can-eat-buffet that's got ALL your favourite dishes on offer, and a load of things you've never tried but really fancy. Simply the ultimate guide to Europe's greatest wildlife spectacles."

Jon Dunn, author Orchid Summer

"Sometimes we need reminding that we are still part of a magnificent continent. Here in James Lowen’s vade mecum on all things wild and European are great bustards and brown bears, grey wolves and blue whales, crane flocks and fiddler crabs, stripeless tree frogs and nose-horned vipers. This handsome, hugely instructive book opens the door onto a lifetime of natural beauty and human wonder." 
Mark Cocker
, author Crow Country and Our Place

For the review by the BIOME Ecology webzine, click here. "Thoroughly researched... Beautifully illustrated... An excellent guide...".

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As featured - extensively - in The Sunday Telegraph in May 2018!

52 European Wildlife Weekends

Bradt Travel Guides, 2019

A year's worth of suggestions for wildlife-oriented weekends, spanning 21 countries across Europe - from the Arctic to the Aegean.

Winner, Adele Evans Award for Best Guidebook, 2018

Finalist, Travel Media Awards for Best Guidebook, 2018

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