James Lowen 

During 2014, 52 Wildlife weekends is being serialised each month in the Independent on Sunday and in Wild Travelmagazine

It's February and you fancy watching otters. Or May: time for spring flowers and dancing butterflies. Or December: immense flocks of birds. But where? This book chooses 52 unforgettable wildlife-watching breaks stretching from Cornwall to northern Scotland. Whether the suggestion is a gentle walk or a hillside trek, a spot of rock-pooling or a trip in a boat, the aim is simple: to inspire and inform, so that you rush to experience the exhilaration of British wildlife at any and every time of the year.  

Bradt Travel Guides, 2013. 234 pages.

"Book of the issue" Nature's Home (RSPB magazine)

"Book of the month" BBC Wildlife

"Book of the month" Outdoor Photography


A year of British wildlife-watching breaks