James Lowen 

Other comments on my talks

  • "An hour of sheer joy."

  • “The best talk we've ever had."

  • ​"Enthusiastic, lyrical - a fantastic speaker"

  • ​“Our best Zoom talk to date; informative and colourful with first-class delivery”
  • "One of the best talks I've ever heard."
  • ​"Absolutely wonderful. You speak with such passion and I found your descriptions quite lavish and poetic. One of the most interesting talks I have listened to."
  • ​​"Superb... Eloquent, entertaining and enlightening."
  • "Absolutely terrific. An outstanding talk and speaker, with stunning photos."
  • Thrilling, inspiring and enthusiastic. One of the best talks I’ve ever heard. I would listen to it all over again."
  • ​"An absolutely mesmerising tour de force. As good a talk as I've ever heard on anything."
  • ​"Absolutely enthralling: the best talk I’ve seen recently. Full of enthusiasm and excitement, with fantastic photos and fascinating stories."
  • “A natural raconteur, James delights audiences with his passion, humour and knowledge of wildlife and wildlife-watching.”
  • "Mesmerising, an extraordinary tour de force."
  • “What can I say? Absolutely brilliant, photos amazing.”
  • ​“WOW! That was amazing.” 
  • "​A wonderful evening... so informative."
  • ​"Really enthusiastic delivery and so motivational. Fantastic photography. Wide-ranging talk. An incredible tour of Britain and moths... that inspired everyone."
  • "Brilliant talk! Incredible variety packed into an hour. The photographs were stunning."
  • "Eloquent, poetic, dramatic – the words creating a dynamic visual portrait."
  • "An extraordinary odyssey... a super talk."
  • ​"Pictures were superb and the narrative first-class."
  • ​“Brilliant, as ever.”
  • ​"Fabulous talk, just brilliant!"
  • "Really excellent... stunning photos... enthused us to explore Britain"
  • "One of the best evenings ever for the society - held everyone enthralled"
  • ​"Superb photography... absolutely marvellous"
  • "Amazing, fantastic, mesmerising, brilliant and inspiring"
  • "Excellent... wonderful images." 
  • “Talks with passion and humour, accompanied by wonderful photography.”
  • "Exceptional... beautiful talk with lovely photography"
  • "Beautiful, poetic language"
  • ​"Inspirational and professional... perfect for our group"
  • "Superb: if only all presentations were of this standard"
  • "Excellent and articulate, outstanding and professional"
  •  "Fascinating... fantastic photos... brilliant"
  • ​“Great talk: fascinating, with amazing images.” 
  • “Exceedingly interesting talk with truly astonishing images – among the best we have ever seen.”
  • “Absolutely fantastic... brilliant. Amazing, entertaining and wonderful, with splendid photography.”
  • "Mindblowing, stunning, inspiring and full of joy."
  • "Just fantastic: I’m packing my bag right now."
  • "Completely tremendous."

Client praise for lectures

Here is praise for just one talk, shared with by attendees in the meeting 'chat'.

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