James Lowen 



Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network


I am always delighted to write for environmental organisations - to use communication as a way of furthering conservation. During 2021 and 2022 I wrote a series of articles about aspects of shorebird conservation in the Americas, for an exciting regional non-profit called the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network. Here's some examples.


Why Mud Matters. Throughout the Americas, shorebird research and conservation reveals that there's more to mud - well, intertidal mudflats - than meets the eye.

​Community identity and cultural values drive conservation. Throughout the Americas, natural places provide cultural benefits to people that conservationists can harness to protect important sites and species (in this case, shorebirds and their locations).

​Boosting coastal resilience with shorebirds. Rather than armouring coastlines in the Americas, we should help shorebirds and people alike by turning to living shorelines to strengthen resilience to sea-level rise and extreme weather events. 

More than dots on a map. WHSRN members explain why the network is so important to them.