James Lowen 

BLOG 2019

8 May 2019 Dukes and Sables (White-spotted Sable and Duke of Burgundy in Kent)

2 May 2019 Birthday belter(Norfolk's earliest ever Large Red-belted Clearwing)

26 Apr 2019 Pentagon of Beauty (Rannoch Brindled Beauty in Strathspey, Belted Beauty again in Cumbria)

23 Apr 2019 What's the story, Kentish Glory?(Kentish Glory in Strathspey and Deesside)

18 Apr 2019 Go ye slo(Sloe Carpet in Essex)

16 Apr 2019 Winner! (my book The Butterfly Pavilion wins a Nautilus Silver Award)

15 Apr 2019 Line of beauty (Belted Beauty in Cumbria)

13 Apr 20198 Blackadder II (walkaway views of the melanistic Adder)

12 Apr 2019 Blackadder(my first glimpse of a melanistic Adder, plus a new nomad me for RSPB Minsmere)

9 Apr 2019 Snakelove (my daughter loving a trip out to see Adders)

2 Apr 2019 Happy moth-er's day (Dotted Chestnut, Orange Underwing, moth-er vs moth-watcher)

25 March 2019 March moths (Barred Tooth-striped, Emperor, Dotted Chestnut,Broom-tip, Virgin Bagworm)

23 March 2019 Water ermine (showy Otters in the Brecks)

5 Mar 2019 Tengmum's-the-word (Tengmalm's Owl on Shetland)

25 Feb 2019 Snake (my first day with Adders this year)

14 Feb 2019 Gonads (a Valentine's Day musing on taking specimens to improve knowledge)

2 Feb 2019 Case in point (searching for the larval cases of Richardson's Case-bearer moth in Dorset)

27 Jan 2019 A kindness of moth-ers (so many people keen to help me with my moth book!)

23 Jan 2019 Recent articles (Telegraph, BBC Wildlife, Nature's Home, BirdLife, Bird Watching, The Countryman, Blue Sky Wildlife)

16 Jan 2019 Juan the Guan (my appearance on the podcast of the late Bill Thompson III)

15 Jan 2019. Early moths (searching for the early stages of moths, including Lunar Yellow Underwing)

1 Jan 2019  Home truths (garden year listing in Norwich)