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52 Wildlife Weekends - 2nd edition (2023)

A year of British Wildlife Watching Breaks

Ten years after the first edition of 52 Wildlife Weekendswas published - those ten years being full of plaudits and decent sales - Bradt Travel Guides has published a second edition. Although the weekends are fundamentally the same, the book has been thoroughly updated to reflect the latest knowledge of what species occur when when. A decade is a very long time in wildlife watching, so a lot of material in the first edition has become out of date. There are around 60 new target species, a job lot new wildlife-watching sites and many new suggestions for where to stay. Put all that together and there is a lot of new writing in there. The book has also had a visual refresh, with around two-thirds of the photographs new. You can buy the book from all the usual outlets, from Waterstones and Amazon to NHBS, WildSounds and your local Wildlife Trust/RSPB reserve, but I would encourage you to buy direct from the publisher if you possibly can.