James Lowen 



7 Apr 2018    Parseltongue  A score of Adders and Grass Snake in north Norfolk

5 Apr 2018    Snowball(s) A trio of Coues's Arctic Redpolls at Felthorpe, Norfolk

28 Mar 2018  March mothsGarden moths, notably Oak beauty

26 Mar 2018  On fire Stunning close-range singing Firecrest in Norfolk

23 Mar 2018  Polar Star  Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem and Glaucous Gull in Norwich

10 Mar 2018  Snow? Go!  Dipping Ross's Gull in Dorset

6 Mar 2018    A clarity of redpolls  Some light shed on yesterday's redpolls - to surprising effect

5 Mar 2018    A confusion of redpolls   Coues's Arctic, Mealy and Lesser Redpolls near Norwich

3 Mar 2018    Wensum, lose some Amazing snowy walk through Norwich's take on The Beast from the East

22 Feb 2018  Tricksy Loxia  Confusing (Parrot-type) Crossbills near Norwich

13 Feb 2018  Slo-mo More starlings mumurating in Suffolk

11 Feb 2018  Grisly demise  Wasp killing a Red-veined darter in Portugal

10 Feb 2018  Murmur Starlings in Suffolk

9 Feb 2018    Hoary & holy  Coues's Arctic Redpoll in Suffolk (again)

6 Feb 2018    New books  My four new books out in 2018

1 Feb 2018    Feeling hawny?  Hawfinch in Hampshire, New Forest, Horned Lark in Greater London (again)

25 Jan 2018  Shorely not?  (North American) Horned Lark in Greater London

22 Jan 2018  On black or red? Male Black Redstart in north Norfolk

14 Jan 2018  Coues's who?  Coues's Arctic Redpoll in Suffolk