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18 Sep 2018 Olé(Oleander Hawk-moth and a decent supporting cast of other moths & birds in Kent)

12 Sep 2018 Green giant(Great Green Bush-Cricket, garden Ivy Bee & moths, Pallid x Hen Harrier hybrid)

4 Sep 2018 Shortlist (on the importance of accolades for the impoverished writer)

3 Sep 2018 Bonking butterflies (video of Large White mating frenzy in Norfolk) 

2 Sep 2018 Phobe vs Phile (a showy juvenile Mediterranean Gull in Norfolk)

27 Aug 2018 The Fridge of Beauty (Beautiful Marbled and American Black Tern in Kent)

25 Aug 2018 Oak (Angle-striped Sallow in Norfolk, and Brown Oak Slender at home)

6 Aug 2018 Elvis (Wormwood, Dark Crimson Underwing, Southern Oak Bush-cricket etc in Norfolk)

4 Aug 2018  Picos de Europa(another wildlife-filled trip to this mountain range in northern Spain)

10 July 2018 Pine Marten (a video of Pine Marten from Glen Loy Lodge, Scotland, last month)

9 July 2018 Goatee (Goat Moth, Golden Pearl, Red-belted Clearwing, and some rare tiny moths in Norfolk) 

6 July 2018 Hotland (a mammoth post on an epic Scotland trip, with too many highlights to list. Amazing!)

5 July 2018 Scarce (another rare moth, Scarce Black Arches in my Norwich garden)

3 July 2018 Orache (the stunning and rare Orache Moth, in my Norwich garden)

2 July 2018 King's Fin (Fin Whale in King's Lynn, Norfolk)

21 June 2018 Royal Show (American Royal Tern in Sussex & emerging Southern Migrant Hawkers in Essex)

14 June 2018 Mixmag(Marsh Warbler, Corncrake, Buff-breasted Sandpiper, Scarce Chaser, Cinereous Pearl, Dusky Peacock and Fen Orchid in Norfolk)

5 June 2018 Mates' Moltoni's (Moltoni's Subalpine Warbler, Short-toed Lark & Scarlet Rosefinch in Norfolk)

1 June 2018  Derek  (not one but two Dewick's Plusia in my Norwich garden)

29 May 2018  Maybe not(Burnt Orchid, Iberian Chiffchaff, White-winged Black Tern, Netted Pug in Norfolk)

19 May 2018  Limelight (Lime Hawk-moth in my Norwich garden)

19 May 2018  Military precision(Military, Early Marsh & Green-winged Orchids; Pasqueflower & Pool Frog)

16 May 2018  Peewit (displaying Lapwing and other lovely stuff in Norfolk)

10 May 2018 Bluebell(Spring's purple haze in Norfolk)

7 May 2018  Green party Twitching Green Heron in Wales on the day of local elections

5 May 2018  Review: Two Orchid Summers  Reviews of new books by Leif Bersweden and Jon Dunn

2 May 2018  Mayday  Great spring-migration day in Norfolk, including Wryneck

30 Apr 2018  Imperial April  April garden moths, including Emperor and Mullein

29 Apr 2018 Union of the snake  Two mating pairs of Adder and some dancing males in Norfolk

24 Apr 2018  Nature-writing vs TV  My contribution to the Norfolk Festival of Nature debate

24 Apr 2018  Adders multiply  My best Adder experience yet: six hours with fighting males and a mating pair

19 Apr 2018 New books  52 European Wildlife Weekends and Hedgehogs: two of my new books

17 Apr 2018  minutus  Little Gulls in Norwich

16 Apr 2018  April skies  Norfolk moths and a celebration of the Jesus and Mary Chain

12 Apr 2018  East meets west Small Eggar in Norfolk and American Bittern in Suffolk

7 Apr 2018    Parseltongue  A score of Adders and Grass Snake in north Norfolk

5 Apr 2018    Snowball(s) A trio of Coues's Arctic Redpolls at Felthorpe, Norfolk

28 Mar 2018  March mothsGarden moths, notably Oak beauty

26 Mar 2018  On fire Stunning close-range singing Firecrest in Norfolk

23 Mar 2018  Polar Star  Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem and Glaucous Gull in Norwich

10 Mar 2018  Snow? Go!  Dipping Ross's Gull in Dorset

6 Mar 2018    A clarity of redpolls  Some light shed on yesterday's redpolls - to surprising effect

5 Mar 2018    A confusion of redpolls   Coues's Arctic, Mealy and Lesser Redpolls near Norwich

3 Mar 2018    Wensum, lose some Amazing snowy walk through Norwich's take on The Beast from the East

22 Feb 2018  Tricksy Loxia  Confusing (Parrot-type) Crossbills near Norwich

13 Feb 2018  Slo-mo More starlings mumurating in Suffolk

11 Feb 2018  Grisly demise  Wasp killing a Red-veined darter in Portugal

10 Feb 2018  Murmur Starlings in Suffolk

9 Feb 2018    Hoary & holy  Coues's Arctic Redpoll in Suffolk (again)

6 Feb 2018    New books  My four new books out in 2018

1 Feb 2018    Feeling hawny?  Hawfinch in Hampshire, New Forest, Horned Lark in Greater London (again)

25 Jan 2018  Shorely not?  (North American) Horned Lark in Greater London

22 Jan 2018  On black or red? Male Black Redstart in north Norfolk

14 Jan 2018  Coues's who?  Coues's Arctic Redpoll in Suffolk