26 March 2018  On fire

My book-after-next is one about the finest walks in my adopted home county of Norfolk. It's a book of year-round wanders, so I need to a selection each season. Yesterday was the turn of NW Norfolk. As I drew up in an inauspicious car park, I could hear a Goldcrest singing in the firs above. As I got out of the car, it was joined by a Firecrest. This bird proceeded to sing at very close range, just above head height, for a few minutes. 


James Lowen 

Although it largely kept to the shade, it showed very well indeed. Another bird (perhaps a female) was nearby, but stayed shy of the camera. The male just kept on singing, however.


Firecrests are not a bird I ever expect to tire of. Every single moment spent with them is a blessing. The 'Firecrest Day' at Portland Bill last October will particularly stick in my memory bank into perpetuity.

I haven't encountered that many singing Firecrests before. The most treasured of my experiences was in my garden in spring 2016. This bird eclipsed even that extrovert performer.