James Lowen 



  • "Ideal guide for the first-time visitor... the moment you pick up this book it feels good... exceedingly well-chosen images... buy it and then start saving for your trip!" Chris Harbard, Birdwatch
  • "A definitive identification guide... easy-to-use, one-of-a kind, must-have guide for those visiting Antarctica!" The Guardian
  • "Glorious full-colour photos... this book works just as well for the armchair traveler as for the hearty explorer" Washington Post
  • "If you have already experienced the Antarctic, then after reading James Lowen’s visitors’ guide, you will be packing your bags and booking your next visit. If you haven’t been there before, you will still be packing your bags and booking your visit. It’s as simple as that." David Lindo (BBC's The Urban Birder),Bird Watching
  • "A fantastic guide... rich in photography - the penguin behaviour gallery is a joy"  Birds(RSPB magazine)
  • "If you are headed far, far south, you will certainly want to have this attractive, informative, and handy book with you" Avian Review
  • "An excellent field guide, well laid out with photos and easy-to-access information. . . . It will definitely accompany me on my next trip to Antarctica." Luxury Travel Review
  • "An eminently practical, accurate, useable and indispensable field guide - perfect to bring on your Antarctic cruise... this little gem is rapidly becoming a favorite... little powerhouse of a guide... deserves a place on the shelf of every wildlife enthusiast. Don't leave home without it!" National Examiner 
  • "Lowen  breathes life into the abstract concept of Antarctica's vast ice fields and rocky coasts... By revealing [Antarctica's] treasures, he reminds us why even the most remote places on Earth are worth defending." Yahoo News
  • "A handy, truly comprehensive guide... Essential for anyone visiting the area." BTO News
  • "An attractive and informative little book that is perfect for all but the most avid wildlife-watchers" Antarctic Science
  • "Invaluable on deck... would serve very well as a field guide for birders" Birding World
  • "Well-researched, beautifully presented, excellent text... I found myself unwilling to put the book down."  Ontario Birding News