Best 'garden' moth of the week was also worst moth of the week: Case-bearing Clothes Moth in our bedroom. A full-on house tick too, at least in adult form: the little chompers have demonstrated their presence in other ways. 

Best moth per se was Small Eggar. Dave Farrow found three larval webs in a hedge near Arminghall, south of Norwich. He didn't know what they were, but his photo was enough to send me scuttling down there. In the field I counted 21, 78 and 61 caterpillars as minima, but (from photos) have subsequently others inside the webs. This is a really exciting find of a rapidly declining moth. 

A few other bits and bobs. 


A few other interesting garden moths included a dark form of Grey/Dark Dagger agg. and a dark form of Clouded-bordered Brindle - neither of which I have seen before.

James Lowen 


17 May 2020 Egged on

The past week has been pretty chilly, so mothing opportunities have been limited. In fact, everything bar Water-Vole-and-Shrew opportunities have been pretty limited. Bird of the week was this fresh-in, utterly knackered Cockatiel. A full-on house tick. Get in.