James Lowen 


I am increasingly being sent material (books, apps etc) to review, so this is where I collect those verdicts - in case they are of interest to anyone! Click the underlined text to read the review.

April 2018: A new Neotropical companion by John Kricher (in Neotropical Birding 22)

​April 2018: The birds of the Falkland Islands by Robin Woods (in Neotropical Birding 22).

April 2018: Wildlife of Ecuador by Andres Vasquez Noboa (in Neotropical Birding 22)

April 2018: Birds new to science by David Brewer (in Neotropical Birding 22)

April 2018: Sloths: life in the slow lane by Rebecca Cliffe & Suzi Eszterhas (in BBC Wildlife)

February 2018: Rainforests in 30 seconds (in BBC Wildlife)

April 2017: Wildlife on your doorstep by Mark Ward
March 2017: Birds of northern South America (smartphone app).

Feb 2017: Canon 1D X mark II.

Feb 2017: Field guide to the moths of Great Britain and Ireland, 3rd ed, by Paul Waring & Martin Townsend.

Nov 2016: reviews of three lodges (Septimo Paraiso, Mashpi & Maquipucuna) in north-west Ecuador.

August 2016: Field guide to the birds of Suriname by Arie L Spaans et al.

March 2016: Birds of the Serra dos Orgaos by Daniel Mello et al.

Feb 2016: Crossbill Guides: Canary Islands II