James Lowen 



BLOG 2022

This is my blog index for 2022. Click on the links below to connect to the blog.

12 May 2022 Honoured (two recent colonist Caloptilia micromoths in the same night at home)

11 May 2022 Moffing (a warm spring night in a Norfolk wood, with some quality moths and fornicating beetles)

7 May 2022 Bluebell (Hysterophora maculosa, aka 'Bluebell Conch', in Norfolk)

29 Apr 2022 Empress (female Emperor Moth seen by day in Suffolk, showy Grasshopper Warbler in Norfolk)

21 Apr 2022 Purbeck (Early Spider Orchid, Black Oil Beetle and Acleris rufana in Dorset)

18 Apr 2022 Holy Trinity (dancing, mating and black Adders in Suffolk)​

27 Mar 2022 Mad March (Bonaparte's Gull, Stejneger's Stonechat, Little Bunting, Glossy Ibis in Norfolk)

12 Mar 2022 Adderenaline (male Adders and Red-breasted Goose in Norfolk)

24 Feb 2022 Three colours: red (Red-breasted Goose, Smew in Norfolk; American Robin in Sussex)

26 Jan 2022 Brrrr! (Shag and Caspian Gull in Norwich, Lesser Yellowlegs in Suffolk)