James Lowen 

BLOG 2021

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2 March 2021 Jack the lad (a cracking Jack Snipe in Norwich)

22 Feb 2021 Hot birding (Garden Common Crane, and thermally sensed mammals and Woodcock)

16 Feb 2021 Finecitybirding (Norwich: Caspian Gull, Curlew, Smew and 100s of dabbling ducks)

12 Feb 2021 Snowbirding (Norwich: Scaup and other ice-constrained creatures)

7 Feb 2021 Horned hopper (the weird-and-wonderful Asiraca clavicornis in our Norwich garden)

4 Feb 2021 Gold star (a tame garden Goldcrest)

27 Jan 2021 1,200 x 16 (a huge hibernation huddle of 16-spot Ladybirds in Norwich)

16 Jan 2021 Casp (Caspian Gull near home in Norwich)

9 Jan 2021 Ice dragons (Great Egrets near our Norwich home)