James Lowen 


BLOG 2020

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12 April 2020 WTF do I know? (Andrena mining-bee, nomad bee & other garden stuff, Norfolk)

11 April 2020 Moth mega?(candidate Sycamore Slender Caloptilia hemidactylella in my garden, Norfolk)

7 April 2020 Lock stock (Adder, and garden-lockdown Hedgehogs & Emperor Moth, Norfolk)

16 March 2020 Morocco(BBC Wildlife magazine readers' holiday to S Morocco, organised by Wildlife Travel)

20 January 2020 Zoo quest(Black-throated Thrush at Whipsnade)

9 January 2020 All's well...(Lesser White-fronted & Grey-bellied Brent geese, Blue-headed Yellow Wagtail, Norfolk)