BLOG 2020

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James Lowen 

13 December 2020 Parklife(a Norwich Yellow-legged Gull)

12 December 2020 Voyeur(mating Winter Moths near home)

4 December 2020 Snow and ice (Iceland Gulls, Grey Seals and Snow Buntings in east Norfolk)

1 December 2020 (Lock)down and out (the joys of fungi, moths and spider's webs)

2 November 2020 Yellow Lesserlegs (a showy Lesser Yellowlegs in Norfolk)

31 October 2020 Timing is everything (a stunning micromoth new to Norfolk: Cosmopterix pulchrimella)

28 October 2020 Fallow period(rutting Fallow Deer in Norfolk)

20 October 2020 Backchat (Rufous Bush Chat, plus Stejneger's Stonechat, Red-flanked Bluetail, Pallas's Warblers)

8 October 2020 Tricky sprite (an odd, worn Yellow-browed Warbler or an early Hume's?: in Yorkshire)

7 October 2020 Blythi spirit (Eastern Lesser Whitethroats in Norfolk and East Yorkshire)

28 September 2020 Bearded Tit ​(how not to find Norfolk's first Lammergeier)

23 September 2020 Blue Hindwing (Clifton Non-pareil in Norwich... but not in my garden)

22 September 20202 Spritely (the first Yellow-browed Warblers of the Norfolk autumn)

19 September 2020 The Arctic formula (co-finding an Arctic Warbler and nailing it on wing formula; in Norfolk) 

12 September 2020 Knowledge(how little we know... but also an exciting garden micromoth)

5 September 2020 White sugar(White-winged Black Tern in Norfolk)

31 August 2020 Jynxed (finding Greenish warbler in Norfolk)

19 August 2020 Completer-finisher(Irish Ladies-Tresses in Wales: my last extant British orchid)

17 August 2020 Frustration II (failing to find Greenish Warbler or Beautiful Marbled in Norfolk)

15 August 2020 Frustration (why self-finding a White-tailed Eagle doesn't count)

4 August 2020 Catocala (Dark Crimson Underwing in Norwich)

3 August 2020 Coasteering (​two rare garden moths and a cracking night on a Norfolk beach)​​​

2 August 2020 Pinion (White-spotted Pinion in Beds)

30 July 2020 Persistence (Oblique Striped in our Norwich garden)

27 July 2020 The little things (more classy micromoths around Norwich)

20 July 2020 Quantity (1,260 moths, 178 species, 90 minutes - in Norfolk)

12 July 2020 Slammer dunk (Lammergeier in God's Own)

9 July 2020 Lunarcy(Lunar Honet Moths everywhere in Norfolk, plus more avian dips)

5 July 2020 Albert(dipping Black-browed Albatross, but enjoying The Lappet)

2 July 2020 Yellow on black (discovering Norfolk's biggest Bee-wolf colony and demythologising Lunar Hornet Moth)

29 June 2020 Spotted(Leopard Moth and a 2016 Archips oporana in Norfolk, and a new book)

27 June 2020 Footprint Footman (Speckled Footman rediscovered in Dorset)

22 June 2020 Micro magnitude (a population of Elachista stabilella in Norfolk, plus lekking Ghost Moths)

20 June 2020 Back of the net (netting two very rare micro moths in Norfolk)

​15 June 2020 Life's a beach (Savi's Warbler in Norwich and cracking sand-dune moths in coastal Norfolk)

12 June 2020 What's the Point?(micro moths but no birds on Blakeney Point; Rosy Pastor in Norwich)

8 June 2020 Blyth spirit (singing Blyth's Reed Warbler and Rosy Pastor in Norfolk)

2 June 2020 Small stuff (clearwings and wee micromoths in Norwich)

29 May 2020 Masonic (Fen Mason Wasp in the Norfolk Broads)

28 May 2020 Unexpected(an unfathomable White-barred Clearwing in my garden)

​24 May 2020 Daughter (when a young girl finds an out-of-place moth)

19 May 2020 National Geoff Week (Albania geoffrella in Norwich)

18 May 2020 Belt, no braces (Large Red-belted Clearwing in Norfolk)

​17 May 2020 Egged on (Small Eggar tent-nests near Norwich)

16 May 2020 Waterboys (Water Shrew and Water Vole in Norwich)

10 May 2020 Micro max-out (special micromoths in the garden)

6 May 2020 Garden gold (Osprey over the house)

2 May 2020 Ramsons (exploring quality local ancient woodland in Norwich)

​27 April 2020 Marky Mark (St Mark's Fly plus cool garden Hymenoptera)

22 April 2020 Busy bee (some cool local bees in Norwich)

​17 April 2020 Good'un(Gooden's Nomad Bee in the garden)

12 April 2020 WTF do I know? (Andrena mining-bee, nomad bee & other garden stuff, Norfolk)

11 April 2020 Moth mega?(candidate Sycamore Slender Caloptilia hemidactylella in my garden, Norfolk)

7 April 2020 Lock stock (Adder, and garden-lockdown Hedgehogs & Emperor Moth, Norfolk)

16 March 2020 Morocco(BBC Wildlife magazine readers' holiday to S Morocco, organised by Wildlife Travel)

20 January 2020 Zoo quest(Black-throated Thrush at Whipsnade)

9 January 2020 All's well...(Lesser White-fronted & Grey-bellied Brent geese, Blue-headed Yellow Wagtail, Norfolk)