A decent revision of the UK orchid galleries, no better grouped by genus or other clear grouping. 

My Spain galleries have also been substantially updated in the light of recent trips. Keep an eye on these, as I have further trips coming up in the next three months. 


Indeed, the European wildlife galleries overall are not looking too shoddy. Plenty of mouthwatering stuff already there - and much more to come too!


James Lowen 

I have overhauled the UK mammals galleries. Plenty of new stuff, and reorganised. Here are some samples.

The UK 'herps' galleries - reptiles and amphibians - are looking nice. Plenty more than 'just' Adders too! 

Plenty of new bird images too in the updated UK birds galleries.

There's plenty of UK dragonfly material.

There are some updates to the UK butterflies galleries too.


17 April 2017   Photo galleries

Most of my wildlife photographs are available for viewing ona separate website. I have recently done a fundamental overhaul of those galleries; this blog summarises the highlights. Click on the individual pages of each slideshow to go directly to the respective gallery. First up, there's a pretty expansive new UK moth gallery

If you haven't seen it, there's a neat gallery of Ecuador wildlife - although I still haven't identified all the reptiles & amphibians...