James Lowen 

BLOG 2023

13 May 23 Filth (filthy twitching and musings on the same: White-crowned Sparrow, Grey-headed Lapwing, Stejneger's & White-winged Scoters)

12 May 23 A swift half? (a portfolio of Common Swift images, from Greece)

10 May 23 Firestarter (a singing Firecrest in the garden)

17 Apr 23 Mullein things over(garden moths including Mullein, plus Hairy-footed Flower-bee)

16 Apr 23 Dancing kings(Adders in Norfolk)

23 Mar 23 Bunking off(Alpine Swifts, and searching for them, in Norfolk)

20 Mar 23 March moths (various moths at home)

19 Mar 23 Moth-er's Day (Tawny Pinions in Norwich)

25 Feb 23 Rockit (Rock Pipit and Purple Sandpiper in Kent)

28 Jan 23 Winter surprise (Richardson's Canada Goose in Norfolk, Pallas's Warbler in Kent)