Other bobs included a few Wood Lark, a surprising gang of five Ring Ouzel and this delicious sunbathing Common Lizard.

The afternoon saw the juxtaposition of lingering wintering birds (Brent Geese by the dozen) and freshly arrived spring birds (Northern Wheatearsand Yellow Wagtails) on Blakeney Freshmarsh. Midday saw the consumption of a ginormous All-day Breakfast Bap in Blakeney Harbour car park. And the morning? The morning saw Adders. Specifically, precisely 42Adders. Now that coincidence must give Life some form of meaning.


1 May 2015  The meaning of life

I turned 42 today. And, as Douglas Adams fans and more well know, 42 is the meaning of life. I've been thinking a lot about Life recently - and what needs to be done, on a personal vane, to be happy. And what meaning work should have in Life. And what that work should be. To reflect further, I ensured that I did no work of any description today. Instead, I just had fun - you know, to give Life meaning. The evening saw the Lowen family chomping fairy cakes amidst the bluebells of Foxley Wood. Glorious.


James Lowen 

For most of the morning, I was in the company of local herper Richard Ives. Quite the font of knowledge and a true privilege to spend time with. Oh, and he showed me 80% of today's Adders - all in places I had never seen Adders before. These included five (or was it six? the pace at which serpents came caused mental chaos) pairs, with the male guarding the female.