21 Mar 2017  Serpent

My rib has finally just about recovered enough for me to drive to a Norfolk heathland and indulge in some serpent-watching. I was missing the scaly blighters; being addericted 'n' all that. I arrived about 0830 on a cold but sunny morning after a couple of dank, breezy days. I hoped that the Adders would be basking for a couple of hours or more, but most seemed to disappear by 0945 as the sky remained resolutely devoid of clouds. The famed 'Medusa spot' was, for the first spring visit I can remember, bereft of snakes. Fortunately I located seven males in another usual spot, and two a couple of hundred metres away. It was good to be back herping. I suspect that Adders are for me what Caspian Gulls are toRich Bonser down in London. Neither of us can do without our regular fix.

James Lowen