James Lowen 


23 May 2017  May Muntjacs

I have enjoyed three lovely encounters with Reeve's Muntjac this past month, all of which have resulted in agreeable images. This is just as well, because I frustrate myself every time I drive along the A11 between Barton Mills 'five ways' roundabout and Thetford, for there are consistently Muntjacs showing veer well by the roadside - but it is impossible to stop there and photograph them. Given the havoc that this and other non-native deer (in particular) are wreaking on our under storey, perhaps I shouldn't like them so much - but I do. 

I have seen a few other notable mammals this month. Two Water Shrews at RSPB Strumpshaw Fen yesterday were pleasing (if unphotographable), particularly after I walked straight past two at RSPB Minsmere. (It might have been nice for the volunteer present at the pond to have indicated that this elusive mammal was showing...) A Water Vole at Minsmere showed typically well (but from above), and this Stoat appeared to have a den in front of Bittern Hide. 

The three encounters were with a pair and a single female at RSPB Minsmere, and with a female near Nunnery Lakes in Thetford. All were chance observations - I was on the way do watch or photograph something else at the time. But all were no less special for that. 

The first four images are from Minsmere, where the light was poor (early morning, in shady woodland). I like the first one, though - pleasing bokeh when it crossed the path.

The final two images came from Thetford. The evening light was still a little harsh, but the animal was chewing cud out in the open, unperturbed by my presence.