James Lowen 


27 Nov 2016  Ecuador mammals, moths & butterflies

Time for a few other critters: specifically, furry things and lepidopterans. I did poorly for mammals in Ecuador. Ecuadorian Mantled Howlers were calling loudly in the valley at Mashpi Lodge, but could not be seen. An agouti stole fruit below the feeders at the same site, and one grazed the lawn at Septimo Paraiso. Squirrels were everywhere, including this cute fella - Red-tailed Squirrel - at Alambi.

And now for some butterflies, kicking off with a couple of owls from Mashpi.

Moths and butterflies were far more diverse, numerous and photogenic. Mashpi Lodge produced the best moths (as they were plastered all over the windows every dawn), though Septimo Paraiso ran it a very close second (thanks to a light & white sheet combo rigged up near the lodge). Maquipucuna was probably best for butterflies, although Mashpi was best for the huge owl butterflies. As with the reptiles and amphibians seen, I need to spend some time identifying these - and work/life has been too busy since return for me to be able to do so yet. So expect some species (or at least genus) names in due course. In the meantime, do what I did and lust at their beauty, their shapes and their patterns. Let's start with some moths.