James Lowen 

As we watched the youngster, a larger animal appeared upstream and swam towards it. It - the mother, we conjecture - hid on the opposite bank. After a while, the youngster joined it. They interacted, out of sight - but highly vocally, which I did manage to sound-record. Cracking encounters... 


6 Dec 2017  Otterly brilliant

Two visits to Santon Downham in the Brecks in the past week have both produced brilliant encounters with Otters on the River Thet. The first was with a large animal that Will Soar and I thought was a male. The second, with Dave Gandy, involved an hour spent with a well-grown cub, plus a brief view (and interaction between the two) of an adult, presumably the cub's mother. These are the best views I have had of Otter other than further up the River Thet at Thetford a few winters ago. That included one individual sniffing my boot, so is unlikely to be beaten!

The photos above and the slideshow below related to the first individual.

The following images are of what Dave Gandy and I assumed to be the cub as it fed mid-river.

The same individual spent much of the hour we spent with it feeding in a clump of willows by the riverbank. A shame the light was so poor.