James Lowen 

Still no sign of the Orphean Warbler. Guess I'd better get on with some work.

The highlight was a flock of 40-50 Snow Buntings. They were alternately skittish (flying up at the merest hint of trouble) and confiding (so lying in wait near their preferred feeding area was a good tactic). Unfortunately, the slope meant that it was impossible to secure any clean backgrounds. All rather frustrating, even if they were lovely birds, particularly the adult males.


9 Jan 2017 Winter birding

I write this while waiting, hopefully and probably forlornly, for news that yesterday's Orphean Warbler at Newmarket has been sighted again this morning. A remarkable mid-winter record of a massive rarity - and one that will be even more gargantuan should it prove to be an Eastern Orphean rather than Western (which I saw in Wales a few autumns ago). In the meantime, so images from a couple of hours photography at Salthouse, north Norfolk, with Josh Jones. We started with some confiding Turnstones

A female Stonechat posed meaningfully, prompting Josh and I to natter about quite what is going on with greyish (Stejeneger's or Common) Stonechats in south-east England.