13 May 2016   May insects

Aside from the Emperor Moths in my garden, a subject worthy of their own blogpost, I have enjoyed a fair spring for invertebrates so far. Dune Tiger Beetles at Titchwell put on a very good show; I do love these scampering, big-jawed predators.

Mothwise, my enjoyment has been limited by dodgy electrics in my own trap. Once these were replaced, I have managed a few nice moths, notably Streamer, Brindled Beauty, Pale Tussock, and Least Black Arches.

I have also benefited from other moth-ers' kindness; thank you all. Matt Casey has been trapping in his father's garden, a few minutes walk from my house. Courtesy of Matt, I have enjoyed Mullein, Scalloped Hazel,Streamer and more.

I haven't done much in the way of butterflying, but our Norwich garden has been good for Orange Tips and this Green Hairstreak was a treasure at Holme Dunes.


James Lowen 

Mike McCarthy shared with me a Pine Beauty, which was another personal first. Then, of course, I trapped my own a day later...

Best of all, Mike Dawson was keen to share his Puss Moth with me. What a beast! What a start to the moth-ing spring!