James Lowen 


15 March 2017  Amplexus

I have long wanted to photograph mating Common Frogs. Or, specifically, an amphibian orgy. To be honest, I haven't quite managed it this year, although i have come close. A visit to Holt country park failed to produce any mating frogs. And my two visits now to Heigham Park in Norwich (for the other, see here) have produced ample mating pairs - with the male clasping the female from behind ('in amplexus') - and the odd 'threesome', but no full-on coital frenzy. Nevertheless, here are a few images of libidinal coldbloods from my second visit at the end of February. Sadly, a combination of travel and broken bones means I failed to make it back there again - and the creatures have finished mating for the season, so the 'money shot' will need to wait another year.