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2016 in review(the year's highlights, in images)

28 Dec 2016  STD (Blue Rock Thrush in Glos)

24 Dec 2016  Berry Christmas (berry-munching thrushes and Waxwings, Norfolk)

23 Dec 2016  Christmas redbreast (Red-breasted and Todd's Canada Goose, Long-tailed & Ferruginous Ducks in Norfolk)

18 Dec 2016  Decumber moths (Mottled Umber & Scarce Umber in Norfolk) 

15 Dec 2016  Wintry lady (female Winter Moth in Norfolk)

13 Dec 2016  Waxwings (in Norwich)


11 Dec 2016  From Dusky till dawn (Dusky Thrush in Derbyshire)


1 Dec 2016 Late autumn UK (Waxwings, moths including Sprawler and December Moth)


30 Nov 2016 Ecuador bugs (invertebrates of the Ecuadorian Choco)


27 Nov 2016 Ecuador mammals & moths (mammals, moths and butterflies of the Ecuadorian Choco) 


26 Nov 2016 Ecuador herps (reptiles and amphibians of the Ecuadorian Choco)


18 Nov 2016 Ecuador birds (specialities of the Ecuadorian Choco)


16 Nov 2016 Ecuador! (Overview of the trip, complete with short reviews of the lodges)


5 Nov 2016 Cliffhanger(Cliff Swallow in Suffolk)


31 Oct 2016  Wheatears (Desert Wheatear and more of the same Isabelline Wheatear in Norfolk)


22 Oct 2016 Isabella's knickers(in on finding Isabelline Wheatear in Norfolk)


15 Oct 2016 Dawn till dusky (finding Dusky Warbler in Norfolk; plus 2 Radde's Warblers)


12 Oct 2016 Shetland = Siberia (three days with White's Thrush, Swainson's Thrush & Brown Shrike)


11 Oct 2016 Prophecy (predicting, then seeing UK's first Siberian Accentor, on Shetland)


9 Oct 2016 Fair Isle (four days on the hallowed isle: Pechora, Lancey, Bluetail)


1 Oct 2016 Merveilleux moths(Merveille du Jour and other moths in Norfolk)


24 Sep 2016 Early autumn(September moths in Norfolk)


19 Sep 2016 Spritely (the first Yellow-browed Warblers of the Norfolk autumn)


14 Sep 2016  +ia (Dewick's Plusia in Norfolk, plus the county's first False Codling Moth and other decent moths)


5 Sep 2016  Pink scavenger (Norfolk's first Florida Pink Scavenger, other cracking moths and more)


31 Aug 2016  Cricket mad (Tree, Sickle-bearing & Southern Oak Crickets in Kent, plus Rest Harrow & other cool moths)


22 Aug 2016 Beetling(Galeruca laticollis in Norfolk; Violet Helleborine, Brown Hairstreak & Wasp Spider in Suffolk)


14 Aug 2016  Raspberry beret (Raspberry Clearwing in Herts)


10 Aug 2016  The Clearwing King (my summer with eight species of clearwing moth in Norfolk & Suffolk)


9 Aug 2016   The British lions(Ant-lion, Six-belted Clearwing, Bee-wolf & Purple Swamphen in Suffolk)


3 Aug 2016   If small is beautiful, micro is... (in praise of micromoths, notably Lime Cosmet)


1 Aug 2016  July moths (a photo-feast of moths, including Waved Black, Oak Nycteoline and Waved Umber)


31 Jul 2016  Drum & Bass (Bass Rock gannetry)


28 Jul 2016  Heaven 'n' helleborine (Lindisfarne, Dark Red, Tyne & Young's Helleborines in Northumberland/Durham)


10 Jul 2016  Mid-summer moths (common but attractive moths from my Norwich garden, July)


8 Jul 2016  Broads & Brecks(Proliferous Pink, Spanish Catchfly, Powdered Grass-veneer, Yellow-legged & Orange-tailed Clearwings, Purple Hairstreak)


5 Jul 2016 Belter!(Red-belted Clearwing & Hornet Moth in my garden)


26 Jun 2016  Clear and present(White-barred, Red-tipped & Currant Clearwings, Fen Orchid, chlorantha Bee Orchid)


15 Jun 2016  Knot a dot. Great! (Great Knot in Norfolk)


12 Jun 2016 Insomnia, mk ii (More June wildlife, including Lobster Moth)


8 Jun 2016 Insomnia(Incessant June wildlife: Fen Raft Spider, Broad-borded Bee Hawkmoth, Painted Lady in Norfolk)


3 Jun 2016  Crazy diamonds (Diamondback moth influx, Bedstraw Broomrape & Sand Catchfly in Norfolk & Kent)


29 May 2016  Cettia (showy Cetti's Warbler  & minibeasts in Norfolk)


28 May 2016  Missing link orchid(Kent: Monkey x Man, Monkey, Lady & Late Spider Orchids; Dew Moth; Laughing Gull)


24 May 2016 Firecracker(Singing male Firecrest in my garden!)


22 May 2016 Strumpshaw 40(Balsam & Oblique carpets, Black-headed Gold, Great Prominent, Grey Birch)


20 May 2016 Filth (twitching for Dalmatian Pelican, Broad-billed Sandpiper, European Bee-eater and Bluebell Conch)


14 May 2016  May insects(Dune Tiger Beetle, Green Hairstreak, Puss Moth, Norfolk)


12 May 2016  The Empire (Emperor Moths in all their glory, Norfolk)


11 May 2016  RTD UTB B4 6 (Rufous Turtle Dove, Bittern, Temminck's Stint etc)


26 Apr 2016 Fritillaria and Luscinia(Fritillary and Nightingale in Suffolk)


23 Apr 2016  Adder s*x (mating Adder in Norfolk)


16 Apr 2016  EDP & moths(article about me in the Eastern Daily Press; local moths, notably Dotted Chestnut)


15 Apr 2016  Emperors & Adders (moths and serpents in Norfolk!)


10 Apr 2016   Brecks it!(Breckland for Fingered & Breckland Speedwells, and Grape Hyacinth)


8 Apr 2016  Costa del Sol  (the not-inconsiderable wildlife highlights of a package holiday to southern Spain)


4 Apr 2016  Early orchids(Early Spider Orchid & Wall Lizard in Dorset, plus Thayer's Gull in Suffolk)


25 Mar 2016  Lap dance (very showy Lapland Buntings in Norfolk)


23 Mar 2016  Add(er)iction (another amazing session with Norfolk Adders)


22 Mar 2016  A Lapland song(showy Lapland Buntings in Norfolk)


18 Mar 2016  New book... and more!(A Summer of British Wildlife, new articles etc)


18 Mar 2016   Japan highlights(includes navigation around my various Japan blogs & photo-galleries)


16 Mar 2016  Adders are out (an amazing group of Adders in Norfolk)


15 Mar 2016  Hokkaido eagles (Steller's Sea Eagle & White-tailed Eagle in Japan)


14 Mar 2016  Hokkaido (the world's best wintering birding, Japan: includes Red-crowned Crane)


14 Mar 2016 Hokkaido, 2 (seabirds and waterbirds on Hokkaido, Japan)


13 Mar 2016 Japan: Kyushu(birding on Kyushu, including Black-faced Spoonbill and White-naped Crane)


29 Feb   Kyushu cranes (first images from my Japan trip, of Hooded Crane)


14 Feb   Norfolk winter (Purple Toothwort, Scaup, Glaucous Gull, Goshawk, Great Northern Diver, Minke Whale, Badger)


11 Feb   Crossbill Guide review (review of Crossbill Guide to Tenerife and Gomera)


5 Feb     A whale's wake(the Old Hunstanton Sperm Whale)


25 Jan   Tenerife(Tenerife endemic birds, reptiles & plants)


13 Jan   Phantom Harrier (finally seeing the Norfolk Pallid Harrier)


9 Jan     Up with the lark (Shore Lark, Rough-legged Buzzard and Red-necked Grebe in Norfolk)


7 Jan     A tale of the times (changing career; forsaking stability for passion)




James Lowen