The week's highlight came on Friday afternoon - albeit not from my trap. Matt Casey caught his second Convulvous Hawkmoth of the week in Hethersett. At the time Mike McCarthy told me about it, Matt happened to be within a minute's drive of my house. And I happened to be working at home, thanks to earlier ineptitude when I realised that I had forgotten to take both my yerba mate and my Blackberry to the office, and had returned home to retrieve them. Given that my only previous encounter with this cracking beast was in a tank at Rutland, I was well happy. 


4 Sep 2015   Convulsions

Moth quantity and quality have both dropped markedly in recent days, testament to the cool northerly or westerly winds. Nevertheless, everyone else seems to have been getting migrants. Finally New Costessey came good with a Vestal. Not inside my trap, however - it seems that Vestals are too clever to get caught. But inside my Birkenstock sandal, inside my house. It's best not to think too hard about that one, and instead enjoy this delicate little wonder.



James Lowen 

Another Bulrush Veneer Calamatropha paludellawas a welcome surprise.  My second Red Underwing was fab, and Spindle Ermine new.