James Lowen 

Best landscape?  Sea-ice stretching to the horizon, with a Red Fox searching for something to eat.

Best bird overall? Red-crowned Crane. For poise and purpose.

Most photo-savvy bird? Steller's Sea Eagle. Massive, striking, exciting.

Best mammal? Japanese sable: what a corker.

Best birder's bird?Blakiston's Fish Owl. Particularly for showing by day.


18 March 2016  Japan: highlights

My trip to Japan was so good, that I'm going to consolidate the best bits into and facilitate navigation from a single page. And then leave it as a pseudo-sticky on the homepage of my website until you all get bored of it...

Let's start with some links to my various web pages:

Best birder's bird? Blakiston's Fish Owl.

Now for the best of the best. To see my consolidated photographic highlights, click here for a dedicated 'best of' gallery. This takes you to the gallery represented by the top-left image on the screen-grab above.