James Lowen 

Jan-Feb 2014     Corvid roost, Grey Phalarope, Mediterranean Gull, Chinese Water Heron

Feb-Mar 2014     Capercaillie, American Coot, Myrtle Warbler, Adder, Marsh Frog

May 2014      Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Duke of Burgundy, Sword-leaved Helleborine, Early Spider Orchid, Man Orchid, Monkey Orchid, Solomon's Seal, Club-tailed Dragonfly, mayflies, breeding Black-winged Stilts, London Blyth's Reed Warbler and Red-rumped Swallow.

Apr 2014       Pasqueflower, Black-winged Stilts, Glaucous Gull, Adders, Slowworm, Early Purple Orchid, Bluebells, Grizzled Skipper, Large Bee-fly


Highlights of my wildlife-watching

Click the links below and on the slideshow to take you to the relevant month or date, where you can read about my latest articles plus wildlife highlights, some of which are listed to whet your appetite...

June 2014   

30 June: Damsel, not in distress

28 June: Twiggy

25 June: The mother of all blog posts

22 June: Whores, horehounds and red-veins

18 June: Pink stink, white delight

17 June: Lector turns lepidopterist

13 June: Good hair day

10 June: Winter in summer

​8 June: Inda Indy (on Sunday)

7 June: Dammit, Thanet, I love you

1 June: The eagle has landed