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Dec 31    Best of 2015(a summary of the year)

Dec 30    Specific diver(Pacific Diver & Lesser Scaup, Cornwall)

Dec 20    Rumper (self-found Red-rumped Swallow, Rough-legged Buzzard etc, Norfolk)

Dec 6      Norfolk redneck(Red-necked Grebe plus Buckenham corvids, Norfolk)

Nov 21    Stuck in a rut (seawatching and Common Cranes, Norfolk)

Nov 20    Punkbird (Hoopoe again in Norfolk)

Nov 15    County-listing... why? (Hoopoe and Glossy Ibis, Norfolk)

Nov 10    Feeling craggy? (Crag Martin, Derbyshire)

Nov 1      So that was October(a review of a hectic month)

Oct 28    Recent articles (BBC Wildlife,Bird Watching, The Birdwatcher's Yearbook)

Oct 27    It's late October (Black[-ish] Brant and Merveille du Jour in Norfolk, but I've still found no rarity)

Oct 22    Sibechat (Siberian Stonechat in Norfolk)

Oct 19    Feeling blue (rarity packed day in Norfolk: Bluetails, Issy Shrikes, Hume's, Blyth's Reed, Pallas's etc)

Oct 18    Pure gold (birding East Anglia in easterlies - but no rares self-found)

Oct 14    It's October (...and I go birding)

Sep 29   Red veins, blue eyes (Red-veined Darters in Norfolk)

Sep 23   Acadian Fire (Acadian Flycatcher in Kent)

Sep 19   Six legs, not two (failed bushbashing in Norfolk, but some nice insects)

Sep 9     Beach bum (a stranded Long-tailed Skua in Norfolk)

Sep 7     Staring at the sea (Norfolk seawatching including Long-tailed Skua and Balearic Shearwater)

Sep 4     Convulsions(Convulvous Hawkmoth in Norwich)

Sep 1     Fair Isle(copies of my recent Bird Watching magazine feature)

Aug 30   Live by the swordgrass(Dark Swordgrass and Rush Veneer in Norwich)

Aug 27   Redfoot before Rutland (Red-footed Falcon in Lincs, and the BirdFair)

Aug 18   Birdfair, moths and more (Fen, Webb's and Twin-spot Wainscots in Norfolk)

Aug 10    Passenger (Norfolk's first Passenger, Dune Tiger Beetle, White-rumped Sand, Willow Emerald Damselfly)

Aug 7      Cracking Norfolk day (Dune Tiger Beetle, Great Crested Newt and more in Norfolk)

Aug 1      Ladies' day (Creeping Lady's Tress in Norfolk)

Jul 27      Moffin' (recent moths in Norwich)

Jul 19      On the margin (Fen raft spider in Norfolk)

Jul 17      Bogged down (Bog Bush-cricket, Brown Beaked-Sedge in Dorset)

Jul 13      My dream moth (Marsh Carpet near Norwich)

Jul 10      Red-veined and waspish (Red-veined darter and Wasp Beetle in Norwich)

Jul 10      A summer of moths (Red-necked Footman, Golden Plusia, True Lover's Knot and more, in Norwich)

Jul 7        Recent credits (articles in BBC Wildlife, World Birdwatch, Bird Watching magazines)

Jul 2        Breckland wonderland (Spanish catchfly, Proliferous Pink, Small Marbled Clover in the Brecks)

Jun 27     Some candy talking (rare Acros in Norfolk; Elephant Hawkmoths at home)

Jun 19     Bardsey bunting (Cretzschmar's Bunting and Thrift Clearwing in Wales)

Jun 12     Hawking one's wares (Norfolk Hawker in Norfolk)

Jun 11     A swallow's tale (Swallowtail in Norfolk, Hudsonian Whimbrel in Sussex)

May 31    Lady Slippers & beetlemania (Lady Slipper Orchid&White-spotted Sable, Cumbria; Tansy Beetle, Yorks)

May 28     Gene pool (Pool Frog, Fen Raft Spider, Little Bittern, Military Orchid, Brown Argus in East Anglia)

May 21     I like hairy tussocks (moths and Water Vole in Norfolk)

May 18     Award-winning photographer (success in the Norfolk Bird and Wildlife Fair photographic competition)

May 14     Recent work (publications, writing, photographs)

May 10     Citril (Citril Finch in Norfolk)

May 9       LSD  (Dotterel in Norfolk)

May 2       Blackpits (Hudsonian Godwit in Somerset)

May 1       The meaning of life (Adders, Bluebells in Norfolk)

Apr 26      Doing time for GBH (Great Blue Heron on Scilly)

Apr 23      Emperor (Emperor Moth in Norfolk)

Apr 19      A shrewd move?(Pygmy Shrew & Harvest Mouse in Cambs;  Fritillary meadows in Suffolk)

Apr 15      Never adder bAdder day (dipping herps in Norfolk)

Apr 10     Crete!(botanising, birding and herping on a Greek island)

Mar 26     Northern exposure (photo-rich series of embedded blogposts on trip to Arctic Norway & Finnish Lapland)

Mar 14     Work bits 'n' pieces (recent articles and photography credits)

Mar 12     Winter vs spring (change of the seasons in Norfolk and Suffolk)

Mar 7       Not boaring (Wild Boar in Glos; Little Bunting in Glamorgan)

Feb 28     Should have stayed in bed (seeing not very much in Breckland)

Feb 26     Adder nuvver long week(Adder in Norfolk)

Feb 23     Adder 'nuff of winter? (Adder in Norfolk) 

Feb 20     Larkin' about (WoodLark in Breckland)

Feb 18     Going underground(Daubenton's & Natterer's Bat, cave spider & scarlet elf cup in Norwich)

Feb6       I heard a murmur (Starling roost in Norwich)

Feb 2       Spectacles(Starling and Pied Wagtail roosts in Norwich)

Jan 25     Birds and people(high-tide wader roost at Snettisham; Swan Lake at Welney)

Jan 19     Porning it(Med Gull, Great Northern Diver, Treecreeper around Norwich)

Jan 14     Recent articles

Jan 11     A chaos of crows(corvid roost in the Norfolk Broads)

Jan 10    Tits(common birds in Breckland)




James Lowen